A Timeline of History:

13.8 billion years ago Big Bang, universe forms
11 billion years ago Milky Way Galaxy forms
4.5 billion years ago Earth and Earth’s Solar System form
4.4 billion years ago Oldest rocks known on earth
3.8 billion years ago Life on Earth begins
3.4 billion years ago Photosynthesis begins
2.4 billion years ago Oxygenation of Atmosphere
450 million years ago Evolution of Land Plants begin
400 million years ago Insects and Seeds evolve
231-243 million years ago Dinosaurs evolve
200 million years ago Mammals evolve
150 million years ago Birds evolve (descendants dinosaurs)
65 million years ago Dinosaurs extinct and Mammals begin to dominate
15 million years ago Apes evolve
12.3 million years ago Hominids evolve (ancestral to modern humans)
2.5 million years ago Primitive Humans with Tools
400,000 years ago Domesticated Use of Fire
200,000 years ago Homo Sapiens - Modern Humans evolve - Hunter/Gatherers
70,000 years ago Cognitive Revolution, Fictive Language, Sapiens spread out of Africa
16,000 years ago Sapiens settle America (Native Americans)
12,000 years ago End of Ice Age, Agricultural Revolution, Permanent Settlements
5,500-5000 years ago Bronze Age, Early Urban Civilization, Kingdoms, Script, Money
5,000 years ago First dynasty in Egypt (beginning of writing and written histories)
3,000 years ago Iron Age & Beginning of Classical Antiquity (Greeks and Romans).
2,000 years ago Jesus (c. 4 BC – c. 30 / 33 AD ), Christianity, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Empire

Year 1 AD Jesus/Christianity (approx. 2000 years ago)
Year 610 Birth of Islam (approx. 1400 years ago)
Year 500-1500 (approx. 500-1500 years ago) Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Medieval period, Crusades
Year 1400-1500’s Scientific Revolution & Capitalism, Renaissance in Europe, Christopher Columbus Voyages
Year 1600-1700’s Enlightenment
Year 1776 American Declaration of Independence & Revolution
Year 1780 American Industrial Revolution begins, Family/Community replaced by States/Markets, Mass Extinction of Plants and Animals
Year 1789-1799 French Revolution
Year 1812 American War against UK
Year 1861-1865 American Civil War
Year 1879-1955 Albert Einstein develops Theory of Relativity
Year 1901-1919 Deadball Era/Modern Baseball begins, T.Roosevelt & Progressive Era
Year 1914-1918 WW1
Year 1920-1933 Prohibition, Roaring 20’s & Babe Ruth
Year 1929-1939 Great Depression
Year 1939-1945 WW2
Year 1946-1963 American Prosperity
Year 1964-1969 Sex, Drugs & R&R (Civil Rights)
Year 1970’s Women’s Rights
Year 1980’s Reagan Era
Year 1990’s Clinton Era. Internet begins
Year 2000-Present 21st Century, Internet, Information Technology & Bio Technology